I sometimes visit conservatoires in Europe as an ERASMUS exchange teacher. Here is some examples on what I have been teaching in and doing lectures about.


How is pedagogics integrated at the Royal Academy of Music Aalborg/Aarhus – and in Denmark in general.

  • For teachers, students and administrative staff

Curriculum design

How to deal with “known and unpredictable skills”?, student needs, labor market needs and teacher competences.

  • For teachers and people in charge for designing the curriculum

Improvisation and the human mind

PowerPoint presentation (1hour including Q&A)

  • For students and teachers

Ear training workshop

  • Lecture for students. Often small groups (5-10)

(I would like to see how ear training teaching is taught at your institution as well)

Improvisation for vocalists

Lecture for small groups (5-12)

  • For student singers


In house or out in the city

  • With teachers and/or students